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Yavapai Digital Arts & Photo Club

YDAPC General Meeting—We welcome visitors.

Date & Time: June 16, 2024 5:30 PM
Description: “The Heart of the  Photograph”
A video presentation by David duChemin

“A compelling photograph is more than visual. It's visceral. We don't only see it, we feel it. It's more than just focusing our lenses; it's also focusing the attention of those who will experience our photographs. Great gear helps, but what about the other tools? What about juxtaposition and mystery, story, mood, depth, and energy? What about the power of a great moment? And when it comes to gear, is it enough that we have all the tools, like great optics, or should we be developing a sensitivity to the unique ways in which different focal lengths amplify the feeling of a scene when used well?”

“The Heart of the Photograph is an inspiring presentation about these very ideas, and it will change the way you make your photographs and reignite the spark if it has cooled off.” David duChemin

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