Yavapai Digital Arts and Photo Club
Banner image by Jean Lopez, “Watson Lake”


Check the calendar page for the current meeting location.
Decision to hold meeting by Zoom or at the Library will be made on month by month basis.

  • YDAPC members will continue to submit and vote for challenges as we have in 2020-2021

January 2023
Zoom Meeting
Challenge: Birds

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First Place:
"Dinner Time"
Joe Webster

Second Place:
"Zoo Duck"
Cliff Cross

Third Place:
"Blue Jay in Flowers"
Cheryl Pauley

An organization of amateur to professional
photographers and digital artists.

Mission Statement

The aim of the Yavapai Digital Arts and Photo Club (YDAPC) is to build a social community of interested artists and photographers, ranging from amateur to professional, who are involved in or wanting to become involved with digital arts and photography. YDAPC will hold events and meetings to discuss topics related to digital arts and photography, hold assessment sessions of work, encourage photography field trips, and create opportunities to increase networking and educational possibilities, all in a positive environment.

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